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Reduced to the max. MAHA is happy to present its new software product: “EUROSYSTEM V8”. This unique solution simplifies a number of periodic vehicle testing procedures so that they can be carried out faster – in more than 40 different countries, thanks to its modern user-friendly and intuitive operating panel.


Haldenwang, December 2019. MAHA has made more improvements to its trusted “EUROSYSTEM”. Customers have been able to benefit from the many new functions EUROSYSTEM V8 has to offer and its entirely new, intuitive user interface since October 2019. A team of experts worked on the V8 project with the sole aim to develop the best software solution for vehicle testing procedures in the world.

The whole operating panel and its haptic are designed with clarity and simplicity in mind so that smart user guidance facilitates intuitive and efficient vehicle testing. The app-based user interface of the V8 delivers faster and more streamlined vehicle inspections – and with a fresh look and feel. All of the symbols and indicators are modern and conform to the latest technical standards. Users have a choice how the circular instruments display the results; dial and pie charts are just some of the options. All information is displayed clearly so that it can be read easily from a distance, saving valuable time during testing.

A new feature is the provision of statistical data about the testing devices’ utilisation rates, and when would be the best time to have them serviced. Remote maintenance allows our technicians to make the right diagnosis of any issues and provide our customer with a solution as soon as they arise. This enables operators to prevent downtimes, increase the utilisation rates and save money.

Another new function is an automatic warning that wheel lock-up is imminent, allowing the user to finish the brake test early, making it more time-efficient and is also easier on the tyres.

The use of icons make the test logs self-explanatory and deliver a fast and accurate summary of the measured values – all on one page. The V8 also processes complete sets of data, i.e. vehicle and customer details, and the test results with great efficiency, thus providing our customers with a licence-free database.

An additional benefit is that a number of different testing devices can be connected to the new solution, creating a network within the test lane. Needless to say that the software also links up with a variety of interfaces, e.g. ASA Livestream, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc., in order to communicate with other systems.

“Our new software is just one element of a comprehensive digitisation strategy which MAHA will be driving forward over the coming years to make sure we maintain our position as a pioneer in the market”, Michael Amann, managing director, summarises this latest development. He is delighted to offer his customers further simplification of their testing procedures.