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The MAHA brands SLiFT and ATT as well as seven subsidiaries are presenting their new online appearance in the uniform "look and feel" of the MAHA Group. They have been linked directly to the MAHA headquarter's website and have a modular structure.

Haldenwang, 10 January 2022. The world market leader is starting the new year with the relaunch of a total of nine websites. In addition to the two brands SLiFT and ATT, the subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa, India and the USA have also had their websites upgraded. With its uniform appearance, the globally active company shows strength and shared identity. Further subsidiaries will follow.

Thanks to the direct link to the MAHA headquarter's website, customers worldwide receive the latest product information on a daily basis. In addition, the new internet presence is clear, structured and particularly easy to use. The subsidiaries now have the possibility to edit country-specific topics directly on their websites. ATT and SLiFT also offer dealers all product-relevant documents in the protected support area of the website.   

This major project of the MAHA Group was implemented together with an external service provider. "With the new website solution, we have answered a variety of demands. These include the online implementation of the current design, the expandable menu items, the simple handling and the daily updates, such as for the products. With this, we have achieved a great goal and we are also very proud of it," says Monika Kaufmann, who accompanied the project on the part of the MAHA Marketing.

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